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Volunteer Teachers for Hearing Impaired Needed


Better Hearing Australia is a volunteer organisation dedicated to helping the hearing impaired 22% of our population (rising to 28% between the ages of 51 and 60!) to cope with their hearing loss. Most of the service to the hearing impaired is delivered through weekly classes, covering lip-reading, hearing aid management etc and these are conducted by volunteer qualified teachers.


At present a number of potential teachers are being trained and should be able to contribute to this activity by the end of this year.


Nevertheless, because of our recent lack of teachers, it is some time since classes have been held in the Illawarra and South Coast areas and to rectify this, we would like to find volunteers who would be prepared to undergo the training and to commence classes. Attendance for the classes would be sought along these lines:


  • Hearing loss doesn’t have to be the end of your world.


  • Better Hearing Australia can show you how to cope better with hearing loss through lip-reading and associated techniques. The organisation helps people of all ages, with all degrees of hearing loss. Their trained tutors provide assistance and support in a friendly relaxed environment. The groups are also small in size so that you get the best possible attention.


  • Getting help now will really make a difference to your life.



This is a very rewarding voluntary service. 


Refer to our Classes page for locations. 


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