Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, known as ACCAN is researching the ways people with age-related hearing loss use different communications technologies.


ACCAN will interview people in small group meetings about their telecommunications preferences, and will discuss which services they use and why. There will be discussion about alternative communications methods such as Skype and its new captioning service. 


ACCAN will be holding three focus group meetings over two days – on Wednesday 15 May and Thursday 16 May at ACCAN’s office in Ultimo, Sydney. 


Participants will be asked to do some practical activities on their own devices, or devices provided by ACCAN.


Each focus group will go for about three hours.


To be part of this research project participants will live in Sydney (or be prepared to travel there at their own expense), be over the age of 50 and have age-related hearing loss; and


1.            already have and use an internet connected device

2.            do not have, nor use an internet connected device

3.            currently use the NRS to access telephony service


Light refreshments will be provided. ACCAN is able to support participants to attend the focus groups if needed, for instance, by providing cab charge vouchers or travel reimbursements, or arranging accessibility supports. Participants will receive a $100 gift card to thank them for their time.


If you or someone in your network might be interested in attending one of the focus groups, please contact Meredith Lea from ACCAN via or phone (02) 9288 4000.

Hearing Health Sector Forum

27 September 2018

A ground-breaking initiative combining hearing advocacy and popular sport

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Invitation from Macquarie University

to join a discussion about hearing loss and access to cochlear implant services for people with a hearing loss. Details in the PDF.


  • Who: Hearing aid users, over the age of 50, who have severe or greater sensorineural, postlingual, hearing loss.

  • What: One interview (over the phone or email), and a follow up survey.   $100 gift card offered to all participants.

  • When: Recruiting now.

  • Interested? Contact Macquarie University researcher, Mia Bierbaum or 98502445 for more information.


Click on PDF icon: